Honors & Recognition

Honors & Recognition of Dr. Nagendra S Ningaraj

  • 2002: Cover page article in the June issue of the JPET CSMC- Institute’s employee of the Quarter
  • Summer Mentor fellowship from the American Brain Tumor Association 2003: Cover page article in the June issue of the Drug News & Perspectives
  • 2008: Member -The National Scholars Honor Society (USA)
  • 2017: As CSO of Scintilla Bio-MARC Pvt. Ltd. –recognized as one of the most Innovative Biotechnologist grant award by Govt. of Karnataka, India.
  • Invited Reviewer/Referee-UK Medical Research Council Fellowships; Brain Research; Microvascular Research; Journal of Neurochemistry; Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery; Cancer Control; Neurological Research; Molecular Cancer Research, Journal of Neuroscience
  • Editorial Board: Serving as Invited subject expert and editor of leading publishers like Bentham Science, Elsevier Inc. InTech Open, Forte Journal Of Experimental & Clinical Cancer, J Cancer Res & Clin Practice